Ella Näsi's themes

My main campaign themes are:

1. I advocate for stronger primary health care services.
2. I advocate for equality and inclusion for all. Everyone should have access to health care.
3. Service paths should be simplified.
4. Health and wellbeing should be taken into account in all policies.
5. I promote decision-making that is based on facts and research.

I think it is crucial, that we leave a viable planet for the next generations to come. Therefore, we must protect our green areas and make climate-friendly investments.

We must transform our area to a more livable and lovable place for all – both to people who have lived there for decades and to people who have just moved there. One important thing is that the employment opportunities for the international community in our city should be enhanced.

Want to know more?

Feel free to send a message to me, if you have any questions or ideas regarding health, social or rescue services. My email address is: ella.nasi.tampere (a)
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